About us

Association for Construction Industry Digitalisation is a public, non-governmental organisation founded in early autumn 2016. The Association brings together experienced professionals in the construction and technology sector who understand the difficulties and challenges of the construction process and are able to find right solutions.
The association works according to its values and objectives. The mission of the Society is to develop the construction industry by introducing and training the sector to apply new digital processes and technologies, thereby improving the efficiency of work and the whole area.

Why to join us

By becoming a member, you support the development of the construction industry in a variety of directions in the field of digitalisation, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other technologies in construction.

Once a month, the association organizes meetings of members, the first part of which is dedicated to educational presentations on topics relevant to the association, including guest specialists from the UK, Canada, Denmark, Estonia,etc. The second part of the meeting discusses the topics of the association.

Members interests are also represented in active work with state and local governments and in other public activities. The Society compiles useful information on industry trends.

Members have the opportunity to engage in various projects, such as standards, workshops, etc. Of course, members also gain valuable contacts to develop their professional activities.

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