Our values



Our best qualities are knowledge, experience and capabilities. It comes from experts from our industry, partners and brings us to ability to join forces for one purpose. It is a competence, a commitment to outstanding results and a permanent development process to achieve a common objective: a developed construction industry with the broad choice of digital technologies.



This is our value, based on which we operate. It is closely linked to the objectives of the association, so that development as a value is seen in both -our attitude and in our works: everything we do is related to the development of society and industry.



We are honest to each other and to the whole industry/nation as a whole. It is important to establish a fair and open relationship based on mutual trust, which is shaped by never worrying about the other’s views but by respecting it taking it into account and taking the best the other can suggest. It is our understanding of respect, productive and mutually beneficial relations.



We value passionate people who are ready to develop and improve the industry not only with desire but also showing it in their actions.Passion for the idea and work is an essential value which directly affects and contributes to the overall development of the industry itself.